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Buff Clucks

*2-Pack Bundle* Herb Supplement for Backyard Chickens

*2-Pack Bundle* Herb Supplement for Backyard Chickens

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When Two is Better Than One!

Our best-selling herb supplement for backyard chickens is even better when bundled! Get 2 bags of Buff Clucks for our best deal!

Bundle Herb Supplement for Backyard Chickens...Because Prevention is the Best Medicine

Naturally nourish your flock from the inside out. Our herb supplement for backyard chickens is designed to boost their food with healthy herbs and botanicals.

Our special formula comes straight from Mother Nature's medicine cabinet.

With Buff Clucks, you'll be providing a wholesome and flavorful treat for your backyard chickens. Use natural chicken care to boost immunity, prevent pests and parasites, improve feather and egg quality, and support circulation, digestion, and respiratory health!


What's in the 2 Pack Bundle Herb Supplement for Backyard Chickens?

Every 2 pack bundle of Buff Clucks includes these culinary-grade, non-GMO herbs and botanicals.

  • ​OREGANO: Protect your flock against common poultry diseases with this immune boosting herb.
  • ​BASIL: ​​This herb promotes healthy respiratory systems and mucus membranes. As a bonus, the high nutrient content turns egg yolks a healthy, radiant orange.
  • ​LAVENDER: Known as a natural stress reliever, lavendar soothes your flock to improve egg production plus improves blood circulation. 
  • ​CALENDULA: Also known as marigold, this flower naturally enhances the egg yolk and decreases inflammation. Your chickens' mouths with be grateful as calendula prevents yeast overgrowth and thrush!
  • ​GARLIC: In addition to being an appetite stimulant, garlic is Mother Nature's parasite preventer! The allicin contained in garlic makes the chickens' blood (which the mites feed off) taste nasty making your hen a perfectly bad host.
  • ​ROSEMARY: This herb was handpicked for its amazing respiratory support, pain-relieving qualities, and use as a chicken coop deodorizer.
  • ​RED PEPPER FLAKES: Meet the darling of the herbal supplement. Red pepper flakes prevents parasite infestations inside, and repel uninvited rodents. Chickens can't taste spice, but rodents can! Adding red pepper flakes keeps rats and mice from wanting to eat your chickens' feed.

Size and Use of Buff Clucks Bundle Herb Supplement for Backyard Chickens

1 Bag (1 bag= 12 oz)

Instructions for Use of Herb Supplement For Backyard Chickens:

Simply add one bag of Buff Clucks to a 30-50 pound bag of poultry feed, mix, and serve!

This will provide a 1-month supply for up to 8 chickens.

Want to use Buff Clucks in the Nest?

Try using Buff Clucks as nesting herbs for your backyard chickens. The included herbs are more than delicious to eat. They are helpful in the nest as well. Buff Clucks Herb Supplement promotes relaxation and feelings of safety in your flock which will produce more eggs! 
Garlic and Red Pepper Flakes keep pests out without troubling your chickens. 

Simply apply a light dusting of herbs to your chickens favorite nesting box!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jonathan J
Stuffs legit

I’m extremely picky with the stuff that I purchase. I dislike most big box store things. I refuse to be over sold on garbage stuff, but this product hits a sweet spot. Packaging is nice, arrived timely, and it was so fresh I sneezed for some time. Mixed it in to my 4 week old chicks food and they loved it. Will continue to buy from this company, and hope they continue to keep up the good work

Buff clucks is a hit In our coop !!!

I ordered Buff clucks earlier this year to give it a try. My girls and guys love it. I do , too. The aroma of all the herbs is sensational and they gobble it up! I just ordered the bundle today and can’t wait to get it. Good product and good pricing. Thanks Buff Clucks for my happy flock !! Martha Wright

Amy Ahrens
My Girls Love this!

My girls are pampered. They love when I spread this around their run and coop. It smells so nice and they come running. I also spread a little outside their run when they free range . Get this! You won’t be disappointed. I don’t use it in their food only because I’m too lazy to mix it, but the girls are happy and so am I.

John Gagnon
My Chickens love this stuff

My chickens love this stuff so much. They can't wait for me to give them more food every das. Soon as I give it to him, they are all over the theater, eating it all at the same time. It's so funny to watch awesome product.

Excited to use!

Came today, and trying tomorrow! The herbs look so good and freshly dried that my mom even wants to take some for her homemade kombucha!