Can I Give Herbs to My New Chicks?

Can I Give Herbs to My New Chicks?

One of the top questions regarding natural care for backyard chickens, is: "Can I give herbs to my new chicks?" The answer is YES. 

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So your new chicks have just hatched, or you've recently returned from a trip to Tractor Supply and chicken math came into play. Either way, you are the proud new parent to some adorable, fluffy chicks. The goal of every backyard chicken owner is to raise those chicks into happy, healthy hens.

We're always on the lookout for natural, innovative ways to ensure our chicks grow into the most productive coop citizens. What if the secret to a lifetime of vibrant poultry health was as simple as sprinkling a bit of greenery into their daily routine? Yes, we're talking about herbs—Mother Nature's gift to the culinary world, and as it turns out, to our precious baby chicks as well.

Herbs can transform your baby chicks from fragile peepers into thriving, feathered friends. From the antibiotic powerhouse of oregano to the calming whispers of lavender, a pinch of this and a leaf of that can make all the difference.


The Magic of Herbs for New Chicks

Venturing into the world of backyard poultry care is like stepping into an age-old tradition of harmony with nature. Every backyard chicken owner knows, each cluck and flutter holds a story of life and growth. Natural care for chicks and hens should always include herbs. Herbs are not just the garnish on your plate or the fragrance in your garden, herbs hold a treasure trove of medicinal benefits

The Philosophy of Herbs for New Chicks

At first glance, introducing herbs to your chicks might seem like adding a sprinkle of luxury to their daily grind. But herbs are not a luxury, they are a necessity! Herbs offer a buffet of health benefits that regular feed can hardly match. They serve as the bridge between traditional poultry keeping and modern, sustainable practices.

Nature's Pharmacy: Herbs for New Chicks

Imagine a pharmacy where the shelves are lined with jars of oregano, rosemary, and lavender. Each labeled not with prices but with benefits: antibiotic properties, respiratory relief, stress reduction, and digestive aid. This is what herbs bring to the coop—a natural pharmacy at the beak-tips of your flock. By incorporating herbs into your care routine, you're not just feeding your chicks; you're medicating them in the most natural way possible.

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Herb-Infused Beginnings: Integrating Herbs for Young Chicks

When it comes to the youngest members of your flock, incorporating herbs into their care requires a gentle touch and an understanding of their unique needs. Young chicks, with their developing systems and delicate constitutions, benefit immensely from the natural support herbs can offer. However, their introduction to these green allies must be approached with care, ensuring their first pecks into the world of herbs are both beneficial and safe.

Herbal Beginnings in Feed for New Chicks

The first forays into the world of herbs for young chicks can begin with their feed, a direct route to imparting health benefits.

  • Oregano for Immunity: Oregano is a powerhouse of immune-boosting properties. Try sprinkling this herb over chick feed to help ward off common poultry diseases. A light dusting is sufficient to bolster their young immune systems without overwhelming them.


  • Basil for Respiratory Health: Incorporate basil early on for its benefits to respiratory systems and mucus membranes. Dried basil can be mixed with chick feed in minimal amounts for a gentle introduction.


  • Garlic's Protective Essence: Allicin garlic makes poultry blood taste gross to mites. Luckily, it is completely safe and beneficial for chicks. You can infuse chick's water with garlic or add to their feed. Ensure the addition is light to accommodate their tastes and digestive systems.


  • Lavender for Serenity: A very weak lavender infusion in your chick's water or buds added to feed can provide calming effects. As a bonus, it can improve blood circulation even in the youngest chicks.


  • Rosemary for Respiratory Support: Introduce rosemary by scattering dried sprigs within the brooder and feed. Its respiratory support and pain-relieving qualities, along with its ability to deodorize, make rosemary an excellent choice.


  • Calendula for Vibrant Health: Sprinkle dried calendula petals in the bedding and feed. It's anti-inflammatory properties and support of oral health makes it a perfect herb for young, developing chicks.

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Observation and Adaptation

As you integrate these herbs into the lives of your young chicks, it's crucial to observe their responses and adapt as necessary. Not all chicks will react the same to every herb. What soothes one may not suit another. Monitoring their health, behavior, and growth will guide you in fine-tuning their herbal regimen.

Introducing your young chicks to these carefully selected herbs sets the foundation for a life of health, vigor, and productivity. By starting their journey with the gifts of nature, you're not just raising chickens; you're cultivating health, happiness, well-being, and resilience, one peck at a time. 

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